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Wolf with 2003 Yamaha XT225, Hakarimata Scenic Reserve, 28 Jan 2007

Motorcycling With Wolf

These pages have been set up so my friends around the World - and anyone else who loves motorcycles and touring by motorcycle - can read about the journeys I've been on and see some of the scenic beauty of New Zealand.

New Zealand is a great country for touring by motorcycle.  Whether you prefer to cruise the highways, hit the twisty mountain roads or venture off the beaten track, there is something here for all riders.

We have easy access to some of the most  wonderful scenery in the World: a couple of hours' riding can take you from a crater lake the size of a large city to forest-clad mountain ranges or bubbling mud pools or a tranquil beach.

All the best with your own riding - ride safe, keep it rubber-side-down, and we may just meet on the road someday.



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